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Annabel's Story in lockdown

By Larry Dickens-Batten
Thursday, July 30, 2020

it's been four months since Annebel went into lockdown, "it seems like so long ago now" explains Annabel, "I hardly remember what it is like now, my home has become all I have, my friends don't come over, my family can't come over because I am in the high risk catagory. You see, I have cancer which is not getting any better, the doctor is very strict with me, I have to remain indoors for my own safety".

I asked Annebel if she had thought about going out in the minibus, on her own when the restrictions are lifted, she says that would be nice but she is very worried..

"Well you see, I can't go out, and if i do I have to wear a mask you know, then there are all these new rules, you have to stay two metres apart, and you can't travel together anymore like we used to you know"

Annebel is very anxious now, she has been in for a long time, and had very few visitors , we guys at TTS are the only visitors apart from her GP, it has been very isolating, chatting at the door has become the highlight of the day when we pop over to drop her shopping off, she remains upbeat but is slowly getting very frustrated.

There are many stories like Annebel, we keep going and try too spend time with each and every person we can, we all agree with Annebel "if its not COVID-19 it's the lonliness that will finish us off".


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